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This article is meant to train anyone who needs to become an effective freelancer or content writer. You have always longed to work online as a writer, specifically as an article writer and perhaps you have no idea on how to begin. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to this industry where you will not only mine your cash but also put that passion or talent into practice.

Article writing is also called content writing. Newbies might confuse. As you learn to write, you must know that every article that you will write have a purpose. It is always important to understand the purpose so that you can approach the article in the best way that will draw the relevant readers’ attention.

Before I can take you further, there are different types of articles that you will meet. Such include: SEO content writing, technical writing, copywriting, and press release among other types. You can read the different types of content writing so that you can know where to fall. Of course, you should at least know how to write all types of articles so that you can broaden your skills.

As an article writer for some years now, I have learnt that there is no single format or style that you must adapt. Rather, the keyword here is, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE CLIENTS’ INSTRUCTIONS. If you have understood the purpose of the article that you are to write, just stick to the clients’ instructions and nothing more.

Some instructions will require you to write using professional tone while others will require you to use friendly tone. The other thing that you can see on instructions is the keyword density if you are writing an SEO article. The client will indicate the number of times or the percentage that you must use the given keyword. It is, therefore, imperative that you follow every bit of the instructions.

Most important to note is that most if not all of the articles that you write are for commercial purposes. Therefore, it does not matter the input of imagination and creativity that you put if you are not going to be relevant to the topic or to persuade a reader to take action. In other words, it does not matter the input of vocabulary that you immerse in your article if it does not meet the purpose.

Writing product reviews

My intention was to bring you to this part since it is one of the areas that is mostly sought by webmasters who own eCommerce sites or are affiliate marketers for certain companies like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart among others.

The purpose of product reviews is to educate readers about the product. Once the reader is informed, then he/she can take action. The ultimate aim is to convert readers into customers. That means the review must be found, read, and the reader to take action. Poorly written reviews poorly convert and that calls for the understanding of what the buyers want to know about a certain product or service.

If you are writing about, ‘Top 10 Best Laptops for Students in 2018,’ for example, this is the keyword title that a webmaster is going to use as a SEO title so as to rank on the same in the search results. Now, begin to write. The steps that you would take here is to get to Amazon site, if that is the case, search for the best laptops or the ones that have been rated highly and reviewed positively, compare their prices, and come up with a reliable list of the top 10 products that you are going to write about.

Start with an introduction. An introduction must contain the keyword title, and should be captivating to make the reader want to know more about the products that you have compiled. That means it should draw their attention so that they would want to read and know more about the products that you are going to review.

Since there is no particular format or style, you can choose to start from product 10-1 or 1-10 but most important, follow the instructions given. Describe every product and make sure you capture only the important points or features, and the benefits. The best approach in terms of the tone is to use a friendly tone, and as if you are addressing an interested buyer, demonstrating to him or her the features and the benefits of that particular product.

Readability. Keep in mind that readers are human who get bored with long passages. Therefore, to keep readability good, you should break down your article into subheadings and bullet lists where possible. Be creative to come up with sub-headings and bullet points to make your article readable and to avoid boredom.

Maintain a natural flow and use of keywords. Your review should be natural and you should not force the keywords. Here, the keywords should come naturally and you should maintain a given density. That means you must repeat the keywords, not the keyword title, a number of times. In the case of the above example, you can have multiple keywords from the keyword title such as, best laptops for students, top 10 best laptops for students, best laptops, laptops, and more variations that can arise. That is SEO.

The keyword density is actually the number of keywords that you use. For a lengthy article, you can use it few more times than for a short article. According to Yoast SEO, “keyword stuffing is not a great SEO strategy.”  Therefore, you should maintain a percentage of 0.5% to 2.5%. If you are still a novice, you can use Keyword Density Checker Tool to familiarize yourself of the same.

Your article should be original. That means it should not be found anywhere else on the web. It should not have been published before or featuring extracted texts from already published content. If it happens, it is called plagiarism. This is one of the ethics when it comes to content writing and you must believe in yourself that you can produce original quality, fresh, and unique work.

Proofread your work. After completing your writing, you can now brush it by going through the work to ensure that it is free of grammar errors. If you can’t trust yourself, you can subscribe to Grammar Checker Tool for proofreading your content and correcting any errors made while you were typing.


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