Terms of use

Conditions & Terms of use

  1. Introduction

By using this site, ‘higherwriters.com’ you agree to be governed by our policy, and terms of use. These terms of use are meant to protect ‘you’ and ‘us’ and to provide an agreed working environment. You should not use the services of this site if you are not in agreement with our terms.

  1. Intellectual property rights

All the materials that is found on this website is our property. You must not steal, or copy our site in any way. Except for the services, the content that you own, you do not have any other rights to use our content, logo, Trademark, or any other property that is deemed to belong to us.

  1. Restrictions

Our terms of use for this site restricts you from using our content or property in the following ways:

  • Publishing our content on your site, or any other media;
  • Commercializing any of our website materials;
  • Using our website in any way that is deemed to bring damage;
  • Using this website for your marketing purposes;

Misrepresenting our website through social media, or any other means deemed to be misleading.

  1. Termination of use

In any case that you are deemed to be using this site for purposes other than what the site is meant for, i.e violating our policies, we may terminate your membership to this site with, or without notice.

  1. Limitation of liability

This site, neither our employees, nor management, is liable for any issue that would arise on using this site, and not directly arising from the negligence. This pertains your content needs and we are not liable for anything that would happen after the services have been rendered. This pertains plagiarism and other issues that would affect you or your site.

  1. Refund

In any case that you are not satisfied with our services, you are eligible for refund of full amount, except for the charges that may have resulted from the transactions. This will require you to write to us within the 48-hours after the delivery of service.

  1. Notification

In any case where there is a change in our terms, or aspects or our services or pricing, you will receive the notifications via email that you have subscribed with on this site.